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Raise funds for LARC while you shop!

With the Raise Right fundraising program, individuals, families, and employees can easily help earn extra program dollars for LARC.

You purchase all your favorite cards at face value, and you shop while LARC receives huge rebates!

  • Safe & secure transactions

  • Fast & easy e-cards

  • Physical cards

  • Gift cards 

  • Gas cards 

  • Universal pre-paid cards

  • Easy reload available on many cards

  • Easy web & mobile management

  • Add your bank account for $0.15 card purchases

  • Get started by downloading the RaiseRight app on your phone, or visit on your computer

  • From the website, click “Sign Up”

  • Use enrollment code (Must call LARC for code)

  • From desktop, click “Join an Existing Program”

  • From the mobile app, click “Join a Program”

  • Create your account & register

  • Shop from over 750 stores and brands!

Buy Your

Gift Card

Buy a gift card at face value.  The same gift cards you see in stores that you normally purchase to give

to others.

LARC Earns Rebates


Each gift card has a rebate percentage that goes directly back to LARC

Spend Your

Gift Card


You can use the gift card on your everyday shopping or give it to someone else.



Order gift cards for over 750 of the most popular retail brands across every retail category.

Over 300 brands are available immediately and over 100 are reloadable.

For more information, call LARC at (708) 474-1540 or email


It's not often that you get in on an opportunity where everyone wins. You win because you’re saving some money on things you’re already buying and you get to raise money for a cause you believe in. The cause wins because it gets the donation. The retailer you’re buying from wins because it gets the business and some very positive publicity. And ShopWithScrip wins because it’s accomplishing its mission.

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