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Our Purpose: LARC ensures that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live a quality and engaging life by participating as contributing members of their community.

Our Mission: LARC paves pathways through individualized supports and services so people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can experience a self-directed lifestyle.

Our Vision:  LARC envisions an inclusive society that embraces the individuality of each person with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our Values:

Advocacy:  LARC provides self-directed supports that help individuals understand their choices so they can make informed decisions about their own lives. 

Belonging:  LARC cultivates accessibility within the community so that individuals can develop meaningful connections, and communities become more inclusive.

Collaboration:  LARC believes that creating a more diverse and accepting community, requires partnerships and teamwork.  A collaborative mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for all.

Compassion:  LARC empathizes with individuals we support and their families, and values how they think and feel.

Dignity:  LARC recognizes the worth of each person; treating them and their choices with respect, honor, and fairness.

Diversity:  LARC celebrates, respects, and embraces the differences among us because these differences strengthen and define us.

Excellence:  LARC believes that an emphasis on innovation, increasing knowledge, and promoting self-discovery leads to greater independence for individuals.

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