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Community outings provide individuals with opportunities to leave their day program or home to engage in meaningful experiences with new people, nature, art, culture, history, and music.  Some individuals often become interested in volunteering for or becoming members of their favorite clubs, charities and civic organizations.

LARC encourages individuals to be self-advocates. Individuals learn their strengths, become aware of their weaknesses and learn strategies to overcome them, so they may effectively communicate their needs to others. Some of our most successful self-advocates participate in meaningful community or civic activities that speak to their own concerns and rights as citizens.

Many individuals in LARC’s programs participate in Special Olympics and have therapeutic recreation opportunities.  We also host a number of events and dances throughout the year and individuals become actively involved in planning and preparation.  

Our Community Day Services program also provides alternative options for our elderly population, for whom community employment is generally not desirable. Our continuum of care for seniors include physical fitness, technology skills building, cognitive and memory enhancement, social outings and music appreciation.

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