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LARC operates 11 single-family group homes, serving 44 individuals daily, as part of its Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) program.  All our 4-person homes are located throughout the Lansing community and provide opportunities for individuals to successfully integrate and contribute in the community. 

Individuals receive 24-hour supervision and person-centered supports that include assistance with home living activities.  This includes cooking, self care, laundry, shopping, voting, budgeting as well as planning and attending social activities in the community.

Individuals learn to become as independent as possible, and have opportunities to learn new skills.  Individuals are encouraged to become active in the community.  They visit local establishments, engage in community and events regularly, and become active in their church and favorite civic organizations.  

For individuals living in their family home, LARC’s professional staff are available to provide self-directed assistance through the Home Based Services Program.  This may include help in navigating the program, obtaining specialized services such as counseling or behavioral therapy, and even personal support services.

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