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We hope you will consider supporting LARC through one or more of these opportunities.  If many give a small portion, much will be gained for those individuals that we serve. Thank you in advance for you continued support.

(LARC is a 501(c)(3) which makes all donations tax deductible)

Scrip Program

Initiated in the spring of 2007, the SCRIP program was adopted in hopes it would become a steady supplement to LARC’s sources of revenue.  This is a program that does not ask our supporters to spend any money that they would not otherwise spend.  As individuals purchase gift cards made available through this program, LARC in return received a percentage of that purchase from the vender.  A vast variety of cards are available from restaurants, retail stores, drug/grocery stores, gas station, hotels, and even the all-inclusive VISA cards.  Gift cards are great for gifts or just to have available in your wallet.  It is scheduled so that you can place an order by the first and third Friday of each month and your card(s) will be available the following Thursday.  Once you begin using this program you’ll be glad you did.

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Holiday Fund


LARC’s Holiday Fund Campaign is targeted to current donors in the month of December, and placed in the final newsletter of the year. We sincerely hope that in the spirit of giving embraced during the holidays, individuals will remember LARC’s mission and those who we serve throughout the year.

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