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Join the LARC Wings to Dreams Club, with a minimum donation of $25.00 per month and become part of a special group of individuals that believes in the LARC mission and the important role it plays in assisting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve a greater independence in their lives by promoting choice, fostering a sense of pride, and empowering them to achieve their dreams..

The LARC Wings to Dreams Club, acknowledges individuals who provide monthly financial contributions to LARC. Financial contributions may be used for some of the following: 

  •  Sponsor a client

  •  Provide a variety of resources for clients, including workshops and personal learning opportunities

  •  Assist a client in realizing their dreams

  •  Provide materials and tools for clients in onsite work programs

  •  Help in promoting LARC events and activities

Club members receive:

  • a beautiful plaque recognizing your contribution

  • a LARC wings pin

  • one complimentary ticket to the Annual Appreciation Dinner

For your convenience, a monthly donation can be made via electronic funds transfer, by credit card or by check.

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